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my poem to Ambassador Noel Sinclair (whom I recently met) - first draft

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"A Leader Serves His People"

Dear Ambassador Sinclair, as you know so well,
in diplomacy, the right words can move

the fate and hearts 
of countless priceless thousands.

Diplomacy is the employment of tact 
to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, 
one set of tools being the phrasing of statements 
in a non-confrontational manner,
in non-confrontational dialogue.

If  people were to pursue dialogue 
in a  broad-minded and persistent manner,  
the inevitable conflicts of human life would certainly
find easier resolution.  
Prejudice would give way to understanding, 
and war to peace. 
Genuine dialogue results in the transformation 
of opposing viewpoints, 
changing them from wedges that drive people apart 
into bridges that link them together.

Everything begins with dialogue.
To have faith in the power of dialogue 
is to believe in the promise of humanity.
Dialogue is the initial step in creating  value.  
Dialogue is about 
demonstrating respect for another’s life, 
and being determined to learn when confronted 
with differences in personality and perspective.

Dialogue is the starting point and unifying force 
in all human relationships.
In any human relation, 
out of respect for the other, 
without a single cloud in our heart
we should speak out as our conviction dictates
as we hear the other's heart.

This is a wonderful, invigorating way to live. 
And based on such a way of life,  
the bonds of friendship are strengthened.
Peace comes down to forging ties of friendship
with increasing numbers of people.

The voice of friendship is a song,
a spring flower for all cultures,
that every nature celebrates.
and trembles in the breeze of hope.
Such  voice transforms all the seasons
with tenderness of its strength.
it spreads belief in the power of all humanity,
it speaks to the hearts of youthful successors,
it can always rejuvenate oneself,
allowing self-reinvention
true to one's heart,
an example encouraging many youthful successors.

How does one find 
one's ultimate mission in life?
How does one gain true insight, on this?
It is done by by putting our utmost
into creating insightful value 
out of every situation we are in 
at each successive moment,
each as if this were one's last chance 
each time  to be true to one's core.
Opportunities and new wisdom into underlying principles appear,
speaking to one's heart..

"Guyana" comes from a word meaning 
"land of many waters."
Always true to yourself
as described above,
many possibilities will open for you,

and you will select the one
that most truly moves...
those for and also of the future,
to release their great potential
and their own unique mission,
always  united 
by their dialogue,
led by your example.

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