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THE LOVE ECONOMY    draft 1     5/8/2015

Love transforms,like differing coins exchanged,into a thousand faces,no into countless forms,yet while it may be multiplied,it is never destroyed,in the economy of love.
Truest hope
is born from trouble's frictiontransformed by vow together.It births compassionfrom new couragewe multiplyby sharing.
We are thus rebornto bridge the starsin farthest nightinto constellated empathythat grows by pointing furtherto new unseen lights beyond:that absorbed point furtherto hidden points so importantonly the heart can see themto gestateIndra's Net of limitlesscaring casting wondrousdeeds of love everywhere,into human hearts.
What we do not seeof a person's heartincludes the most precious,the purest feeling.Thus we keep seeking them,by offering the treasuresnewly discovered at the bottom, of our own heart,thuscirculating the new economyof love.
The violence of the suncan birth
the tenderest touch,which nothing can destroy - andwhich can cure anything destructiveon the exquisite face of Earth,bornof the economy of love.
The forgottenstill see ustill we rememberto truly feelour debt of gratitudewe must return to the future.Only with a sense of gratitudedoes the present make sense,can gratitude and fortune multiplyin the economy of love.
We are equallydifferent and unique,and make the greatestdifference to the world.As we circulate ourselveswith courage.
Tearsare rainbows:for jaws of cloudsnever swallowthe sun,only release beauty's trailof new appreciationfor it.And broken hearts releaseagainthe priceless fragranceof new unique empathy.
Never forget: childrenare the greater teacher,writing our future.
We mean to givelife to our children.but our children givemeaning to our life. 
And our fortune is bornfrom the future.So the significance of the pastis changed and rebornto the extent there is no beginning,there is not end,everything is unique creativitywhile nothing is lost and forgotten forever.Such is the economy of love.
You the forever unique forgetfulness,I just saw you in everyone,until we truly foundour selves in each other.

I sought you everywhere
10,000 years,yet stillyou never left my side.

Every instant nowwe offereach otherour present.

The value of our presentis our hopes inspired by the future,present to the futureof our children.

We two touch everywhereonly by touching all life,so no one dare breakour mutual Vow.

Each of the above 
is the infinitesimal
most crucial 
golden coin
of the economy of love.
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Posted by aspergerguy8604

Aside from a few spelling errors this is rather good. I wish I possessed the ability to write pure poetry (sonnets etc.,), but I lack the ear. Prose poetry is my gift and what makes this form of expression bizarre is nobody can really box it into a specific category. Maybe Charles Bauldelare came the closest ;)