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Erik le Fantôme de l’Opéra a vraiment existé. Sauvons le repaire du Fantôme de l’Opéra (Article Bilingue)

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J’adore Erik le Fantôme de l’Opéra et oui, il a vraiment existé. Je suis beaucoup plus qu’une simple ”Phan”. Soit dit en passant, il était fort probablement un Autiste-Asperger.

Summary by 4christinedaaé

The Phantom of the Opera (2004) Plot
L’audio du livre en Français peut être écoutée gratuitement ici:
Sauvez le repaire du Fantôme de l’Opéra
Par Véronique Leroux
(la petite fille de l’auteur Gaston Leroux)

”It turned out that Erik had been composing his masterpiece for the last 20 years, and realizing his genius, Christine asked if he would play a part from the masterpiece for her, and Erik refused as the piece was yet incomplete. Erik’s original plan upon the completion of his masterpiece was to go to his bed, which was in fact a coffin, and fall into an eternal sleep. Feeling the obvious pain from Erik and yearning to see his face, Christine ripped the mask off, and saw the horrible disfigurement.”

”In the final chapters of Leroux’s novel, Erik kidnapped Christine straight from the stage during one of the performances, showed her the completed masterpiece, and asked her to marry him instead of the Vicomte so that the two of them can live a happy life, rather than him simply slip way into his “bed” and dies. If she were to refuse, however, Erik would detonate the massive amount of gun powder he had secretly accumulated under the opera house over the years”

”Acknowledging her acceptance, Erik gave Christine a gold ring and kissed her cheek. He was so overwhelmed with joy that he fell to his knees and cried uncontrollably. Seeing the genius with a tortured soul finding happiness at last, Christine cried with Erik. Erik then surprised Christine by saying that he is now willing to let her go, and she was free to marry Raoul.

Vidéo en Français:

En un clin d'œil, Erik est passé d'égoïste et d'immature à un ♂ généreux, grand cœur et empathique

”Erik freed Raoul and let them both leave the dungeon, but not before making Christine promise to come back and bury him upon his death. Christine kissed Erik on his forehead, and disappeared into the night with Raoul. Carrying his most cherished possession, the diary kept by Christine detailing everything that had happened between them, Erik went to the Persian and told him the whole story, with the hand-written diary as proof. Erik died three weeks afterwards. Christine kept her promise and returned to the opera house, but before the burial, she slipped the gold ring Erik had given to her three weeks earlier onto his finger.”

Vidéo en Français:

Erik aurait dû avoir une seconde chance dans la vie, sans compter que sa condition était traitable!

”In the novel, Erik was able to utilize this power of the unconscious to strategically place himself in the mind of Christine, letting her to believe that he was sent by her deceased father and thus masquerading as the “Angel of Music”.

Essay on Erik:

”As for the novel, in the book Erik is the one who kisses Christine first not the other way around. After nearly drowning Raoul and His old friend, The Shah’s former chief of police who is called the Persian, he comes to Christine and realizes that she’s ready to give up her life for Raoul and Erik is so touched by this he moves forward timidly and kisses her gently on the forehead. Seeing that for Raoul’s sake she doesn’t recoil from his lips, what little he has, he breaks down crying at her feet and kisses her feet. Christine cries for him and her tears fall on his forehead and they cry together. Erik then gives her his ring and tells her to take it for her and him and tells her basically to go marry Raoul and be happy because he knows she loves him and he can’t bare making her cry any longer. Christine then takes the ring and this is when she kisses Erik on the forehead in gratitude and with pity for him. Erik then frees them both and lets them take a train to the north where they marry and live out the rest of their lives quietly. Erik then dies of a broken heart, my theory is in his depression he starves himself to death based on his behavior when he visits the Persian to tell him what happened to Christine and Raoul. Erik made Christine promise to come back when he dies and bury him in the cellars with the ring he gave her. The book says workmen found his skeleton years later with that very ring on his finger.”

”As things develop and the Phantom reveals the depths of his desperation, Christine becomes more and more afraid, but never ceases to lust after the excitement and mystery he represents, or care for her dark Angel. The Point of No Return in the opera he writes for her…

Erik, the Phantom of the Opera (Andrew Lloyd Webber version)

What did The Phantom of the Opera suffer from? “I saw a documentary on Asperger’s syndrome and it made a lot of sense to me,” Karimloo said. The Iranian-born tenor was speaking at the launch of Love Never Dies, Andrew Lloyd Webber’s long-awaited Phantom sequel. It opens in March 2010 at London’s Adelphi Theatre.Oct 8, 2009

English video:

Diagnostic of The Phantom of the Opera by a Palaeopathologist

Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Phantom ‘suffers from Asperger’s’

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