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Hi, new here

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yers Briggs keeps coming out INFJ

Im 36, 6' dark wavy hair to my butt, average body. I have green eyes that have extreme light sensitivity. My skin is quite fair with warm tone. I'm going to say that I'm looking for a trusted friend to room with, I am seeking someone within similar interests and such, whom may also themselves be seeking an amicable win-win regarding their desires for living together, no longer living alone. I cook, clean, all that stuff. And I am a home body, keep to myself and take good care of my own private room. I work from home, I get paid okay since I type very fast and get the good paying a gigs ha!

I love steak sandwiches with cheese and sauce and roasted peppers, I love hiking and camping, and just sitting around playing games. I have no desire to go to the club, but sometimes I may have a drink at home. I love to paint and sip wine and try not to become bored. I tend to be old school, (I.e. had a life and reputation in the land of time before cell phones and social media) and that's something that I will always feel is important Somalis I'm one how to me personally, and I don't know if I can share that enigmatic sensation of the feeling that you know what it is to be a products brought forth from between GenX and Millennial. I have a lust for much lost antiquity.

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