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10 Fun and Unique Entertainment Ideas for your Wedding

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When it comes to wedding entertainment you might feel like I have seen everything, especially when it comes to standard entertainment like a photo booth and late night table. Don't get me wrong, we like a good photo booth - but why not forgive a little with this unique entertainment ideas: Birthday event planner bangalore

Inject some energy into your event with Live music:

Choosing live music to fit your day vibration is important. If you will feel romantic, choose the rope quartet at your ceremony - if you want a little more flash, go for the Mariachi ribbon or the new Orleans Brass Parade!

Bring your vision to live with magicians:

Bring your guests back to their childhood with an illusionist to surprise and please them between courses or during cocktail hours. Whether you go for a traditional or more silk hat than 'mentalism' guests you will love this touch! best event planners in bangalore

Dancing nights with some great shows:

Depending on the influence of your marriage culture, you can consider adding dancers to your entertainment list. It can be a good way for your friends to learn more about your family traditions and a great way to make your family feel their history respected.

Art imitates life with actor:

Are you and your fiance meet at Club Improv? Imagine the possibility of taking it to your reception for wedding improvised matches related to marriage. "Can someone give me a wedding cliche?"

Lawn outdoor game for a pleasant time: Best event management company in bangalore

If you are going to get married for warmer months - Encourage your guests to enjoy the free nature by giving a page game. We think Jenga giants, horse shoes, and cornhhole. You decide!

Paint Night on your wedding day:

There is nothing cooler than seeing live art. Employing an artist to make employees during your wedding is a great way to entertain your guests when they check progress, plus this type of wedding entertainment also gives you great memories at the end! You will be able to appreciate your marriage forever.

Performers in Drag is very entertaining:

Maybe one of the best ways to get your guest noisy is to rent a drag player to cheer them up. Time is optional here because we are sure they will be a hit on each night section!

Rolling Cigars is an art form:

Having a cigar roller at your wedding raises your wedding experience more. Whether you just let them do their things or make a special taste for your wedding, this will definitely be entertaining.

Any interactive server ampi scene:

What's better than champagne and cupcakes? Champagne and cupcakes served on a strange skirt big! Or, ask your guests to ring the bell and were given champagne through a wall covered in ivy by a gloved hand silk adorned with pearls. Super unique, is not it? Possible presentation without end - and entertaining!

Add some sparkle to your wedding day with Fireworks:

Ah yes, the Grand Finale! Current restrictions on fireworks less severe than the previous year, some places offer packages of fireworks to end the night. Imagine how magnificent your delivery with fireworks in the background! Best event management companies in bangalore

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