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They say that you should take on your most daunting task in the morning. So here is some creative writing with a little bit of self-reflection.

I met someone on here, it's been nice having someone to talk to. I'm sure many of you can relate; it can be kind of lonely from time to time. Though, if you are like me you have your interests to keep you company. We Autistic people have to find balance in our lives and forming long-lasting relationships is a component we need as well.

This can be a challenge, for I see myself as having developed the sensory and social traits to mask as an NT. I can engage in conversation and court as they do. It still feels a little off; trying to live with an NT that doesn't have ABA training is pretty daunting.

That's why it is so refreshing to find someone with AS to speak with. Someone who understands. She's really goofy too, unlike my serious self. I want to take this woman places, I think she would make me loosen up and make me enjoy the little things in life a bit more. Can't really get better than that, friends.

My true challenge lies in being able to back off work long enough to give someone the proper attention that they deserve. Relationships take a lot of energy, especially for someone with AS. The hypothesis is that a relationship with someone on the spectrum would be less draining. We both have extensive training. We can read our bodies and know when it's time to back off.

In theory, we could help each other fight burnout, and that is exciting!

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