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Awesome weekend

Posted by agentscullysbf

I'm not sure exactly how this site works yet but these blog posts seem to be for anything so I'm just gonna share my awesome weeked. I'm 24 and live with roommates. I have a brother who lives a few hours away. He's 12. He's here visiting this weekend. On Friday we played video games mostly and I made him a burger and fries for dinner. We also walked to a nice spot near my house at night with a great view and saw all the lights of severeal citites because we were so high up. Then yesterday on Satruday we went bowling, shopping, went for pizza and ice cream after. Then when we got back to my house I showed him the movie Cats and Dogs from my childhood. He seemed to really like it. Today we're gonna take it easy and video call with my other brother who lives in a different state. I'm happy to get to spend time with him. I love my brothers! :-)

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