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Who is available to FaceTime or texting or talking on the phone

Posted by weatherjohn

Who is available to FaceTime or texting or talking on the phone i'm asking the people I'm looking just to talk to females right now so I can get used to talking to them on video chat or the phone or messaging them on my phone here's my phone number if you're not able to get a hold me by regular SMS messaging and my phone number you are welcome to give me a FaceTime call if able to yes video chat if that does not work send me a picture of yourself and your name because yes I will not know who you are tell me that you're from this site so why are you I will understand why are you contacting me my phone number is 9182302067 if you are available right now I would love to just talk to females for right now like I said to get comfortable and not be shy on video chat when talking to girls so whoever is available on this site and you're able to do these things go ahead and contact me which is why I'm posting this type of post on this site if you're confused give me a message on my phone number or call me by FaceTime or just help me figure out that you're contacting me from my number that I gave out on this site look forward to talking to some women  the correct way respectable way can't wait to chat

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Posted by laurie

How old are you?

Posted by lanier2368

Um, you might want to remove your number from here. You are well intended and I'm sure most people here are as well but you never know WHO might be on the site. There could be some major scammers and people who will use your number in less then proper ways...