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keep finding fraudulent people on this site

Posted by weatherjohn

no matter what I do on this site and I make a friend on here they always end up fraudulent. I'm tired of it. Is there anyone on here that's not fraudulent makes me upset some people on the side just to hurt people. I have figured that out I don't think there's anyone that cares on this site about me, I just want to look good make me like them, and then trick me into doing things it's fraudulent people everywhere I go on this site. Will I ever find anyone nice and caring that doesn't think I'm stupid and try to trick me. If there's anyone that understands that's a woman on this site. You're welcome to contact me. text me at (918) 230-2067 or call me also if fraudulent I'm getting the number I will look it up to see if it's safe or not so don't plan on contacting me if you're fraudulent I only contact kind people that are caring that's pretty much it. I guess I'm gonna go on with my day hopefully to meet someone new.

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Posted by lanier2368

First off it's a really really bad idea to place your number publicly like you did. You complain about people trying to defraud you but having access to your phone number like that can open you up to a ton of scams. Second off don't feel bad about the fake people. That's par for the course on these dating sites, fake profiles.