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Since I've been using this website, I haven't used the blog feature yet until now. It would be best if I kept my whole life story private for good reasons, so you'll probably get to know me as I am now instead. It would be too much information to give away my dramatic past anyway. But I assure you, I've been living a good life recently: I am now part of a residential program where autistic people go to learn to live independently. It was a pretty big move to move away from our land in the countryside, and with my parents help I fought to get accepted and was blessed enough to be accepted out of the blue. Besides, as a capable individual, I was yearning for something more than just living with my parents and that was what they wanted as well: for me to live out on my own. Sure, we're still together, but I'm living away from home in a home of my own provided by the residential program where I live now. And so far, I've been doing pretty good adjusting to the program. Sure, I'm waiting on a job currently, but that will change soon, and they're working on it for me even though I've been in the workplace for 2 years already; so yeah, I'm a pretty accomplished person myself. God knows I'm not boasting about it, because then He would know that I would be doing that on purpose. God always helps me when I need him; He created everything, including me, which He gifted me from birth. I was also baptized as an infant, so maybe that's where my ties to Christianity come from. In other words, I was a really special kid. No reason to elaborate on the help I received growing up for that matter: I live a good life right here right now. I wonder if anybody else has such a story that they could post on this blog if they happen to read this. God knows I'm doing fine blogging being able to on this website and following other people like me. If I knew someone personally, then I'll probably share the information, but I don't want to harm my reputation. The Lord above knows I should be careful with my life story...and my parents too, for that matter: they told me so. But with His help I will move past it all like I have now: the past must stay in the past, is what I was told. The past is unhealthy to dwell on, even with an obsessive brain. Though I've been doing good handling it entirely and my liason in the program would encourage me to keep going, but he pitches in when he needs to because he's also a life coach who used to be a American football player in the university surrounding us all. Yes, we are living inside a university campus independent of the curriculum there. I don't want to give away too much information because that would breach confidentiality, is what I'm attempting now just to be safe. On the Internet, I can only describe my life with limited detail because my life is pretty big and complicated. I don't mean to come across wrong about it, though. Again, God knows I'm being careful, and he's also protecting me in return for spending time with Him. I pray that he continues to protect me and deliver me from my sins.

Hopefully, someone will read this while they're using this website and possibly take an interest, lover or not.

God knows I'll find someone.

Thank you.


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