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Anime plothole (Spoilers)

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Has anybody read or watched the Bleach series by Tite Kubo?

There was something about one of the arcs I've noticed all my life.

In the Heuco Mundo arc, where our heroes (Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Uryu, Renji) learn about Orihime's disappearance into a realm called Hueco Mundo (where Aizen, the Arrancars, and the Hollows live) shortly before Rukia and Renji get taken back by Yamamoto for an evacuation order: Byakuya and Kenpachi took them back. You might want to remember this moment. Ichigo, not knowing what to do at the time, chooses to go rescue Orihime with his remaining buddies Chad and Uryu...why not? You would think Rukia and Renji would have their hands full even though they wanted to go with him. Once they arrive, they make progress and befriend an Arrancar named Nel, but as soon as the gang run into trouble (not that Ichigo can't handle it)...get this: Rukia and Renji catch up with him, save him, and beat his ass for leaving them behind. Chad and Uryu were shocked at the sight, and I was too as I read that chapter. Rukia and Renji yell at Ichigo for what he did as they stand to prove their point about being his friends to begin with. This was supposed to be a negligible plot point in both the anime and manga. Here's the problem: these two are supposed to be in the Soul Kingdom right now because of the evacuation order, and instead they're prioritizing their friendship with Ichigo. That's right: friendship is more important than following orders. Does anyone see the problem? I know I do. As if that wasn't enough, Rukia explains that Byakuya let them go because 'he was told to bring you back and nothing more.' In other words, he says he doesn't have to follow orders either. Is it me or are the Soul Reapers being mutinous with their captain? Not to mention the three of them should've been fired for betraying their job. Moving forward, Renji tells the gang to split up only for them all to find out that the enemy their facing - the Espada - are more powerful than any of them. It feels like Rukia and Renji took over the rescue mission just to get in trouble with Aizen's Espada. TV Tropes even covers this issue on the WhatanIdiot page and they cover the arc in general on the Recap page though without elaborating on Ichigo's Soul Reaper friends:

In short, Rukia and Renji force themselves into the story out of nowhere without giving a good excuse and make things worse for the rescue mission in general. And Ichigo doesn't even complain about anything.

The fact that this works makes no sense when you think about it.

And the series was going strong when I read through the first two arcs.

Rukia even becomes the new captain and damns Yamamoto to Hell later on.

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