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soical medias and looking for a boyfriend

Posted by mikaela24

hi boys who are 25 26 27 28 im looking for a boyfriend who will not break up with me :( or leave me sad  iwant a boyfriend  who will love me for who i am  buy me stuff  treat me like a pricness  and jj from criminal minds :)  here are all my soical medias

facebook - mikaela attardo

snapchat jjslovesspence

tik tok @mikaela attardo

whats app- Mikaela attardo 

here is my phone number 416 -6027939

please feel free to find me on my soical medias or here  on the website 

Mikaela :)

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Posted by horatiodobby156

I am really looking for a long lasting relationship. I am really alone and single and I absolutely cannot stand it any longer. Being single and alone is causing me major stomach aches. Anyone who thinks I will find someone easily or to work on myself or love myself or enjoy what I do have is delusional. That is not me. I am not here to spam anyone. I just hope people will read this and understand how serious I am. People are so focused on the negative and only see me as desperate and nothing more. The fact is being alone and single and being shut out and treated like I am dead is taking a toll on my health. I am the wrong person to be turned down. Everytime someone turns me down, I lose hope and I am non functional because I am so upset.