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Wanting a long lasting relationship with someone of my type in the San Francisco Bay Area

Posted by horatiodobby156

I am alone and single and I absolutely destest being single and alone. I am very extroverted and I really have grown tired of living life alone and single. I had one relationship already 5 years ago but I hated it and found it was nothing. It wasn't really a relationship at all. To me it was like being with a dead person. She was such a boring deadbeat and such a waste of my time. I have been trying to find someone better. But finding the right person is a real pain in the ass and I am sick of trying to find someone good and failing. Being single and alone is not cutting it for me at all. Its making me more grouchy and scared. I am incapable of living life along and single happily. Anyone who is like work on yourself, join groups, get a hobby, deal with it, love yourself, or whatever, are giving unsollited advice and are selfish from my point of view. They overestimate my capablities. Being single and alone is causing me to lose hope more and more everyday to the point where I am slowly shutting down. I cannot deal with it at all. Anyone who think I can is delusional because I can't. I'm sorry for coming off as a complainer but I am tired of being on this site and no one pays any attention to me. I am speaking out because I wish to feel heard and make progress at all. 

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