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Wanting a long lasting relationship and being tired of being single

Posted by horatiodobby156

I really am extroverted and I enjoy doing any acitivity as long as it means having someone other than myself to be with. I absolutely hate being single and alone. I cannot take it any longer. Anyone who is like work on yourself, love yourself, join a group, deal with it, no one is gonna come to you, get a therapist are just insensitive assholes. The thing I have done all those things, but it's made 0 diffenrece. I hate being nice and doing the right things and not getting anything in return. Change comes when I am no longer single. I am afraid it's slowly gonna make me more unhealthy. I am not saying this for attention only. I am saying this because it's the facts. Being alone and single is making me scared and causing me major stress attacks. Its too painful. Anyone who thinks I can deal with it, is ignorant and delusional and overestimating my capablities. Very little inspires me. Abrasive authories, law enforcement agencies, my boring difficult dumbass ex girlfriend, violent racist monsters, and anyone who throws obstacles at me sure as hell do not inspire me. Being alone is making it worse. I think any guy who is attracted to the same women I want and beats me to them from my point of view are the bad guys because they are barriers to my happiness and what I want. Anyone who dares to stand in my way of what I want badly and all obstables are evil. I cannot take being alone and single without losing myself. I hope that someone will read this and understand how serious I am. I am not here to spam anyone and I am not here to harm anyone. I am wanting to speak up and I wish to feel heard. Diplomacy is very important to me and direct communication. I hate being ghosted and backstabbed to the point where it makes me insane. Being single alone to me is a fate worse than death. That's because I feel miserbale living life alone and single. I cannot take it anymore. 

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