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Doing others and yourself a favour

Posted by cerealkilla

i don't know if it's the specific web browser i'm using or that i'm using an old mobile phone but i don't seem to be able to see when people were last active on this website and searches are arranged only by distance ;

and even though i've only just discovered this site ; from looking at the old blogs this site appears to have been around for at least 5 years ;

i don't expect the developers would add this feature so instead of hoping someone wasn't last active  over 10 years ago or attempting to find when someone was last active looking through the entire "activity wall" ;

it might help others and the profile owner if all profile owners noted approximately when they were last active on this website somewhere in their description for example :

Hi my name is Ali and welcome to my Autistic Dating profile

I like singing and dancing and music and visiting Jim

I is well autistic and would like to meet someone who is also well autistic and likes singing and dancing and music and also likes visiting Jim


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