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I hate being single

Posted by horatiodobby156

I hate being single! I hate my life! The only way I will be happy is if I have a long lasting relationship with someone who is my type! If not I will go insane! I don't deal with things I don't like! I shouldn't have to! Anyone who thinks I should are very evil! Anyone who gets in my way of what want are evil assholes!  I hate my life! I hate being single! I hate being ignored! I hate law enforcement agencies unless they do what's fair and what I want! I hate violent racist mosnters! I hate authorities who disobey me! I hate other guys who are attracted to the same women I want and are chosen over me! I hated my boring dumbass ex girlfriend! All I care about is a meaningful relationship! I'm fed up with how no one on this site puts in any effort! It's pissing me off! I want to feel heard! I hate being ignored! Please someone respond. 

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Posted by lanier2368

so it's up to someone else to be he source of your happiness? Good luck finding someone wanting to be that emotional slave, wanting to be subservient and put their emotional needs behind yours...