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I hate being single!

Posted by horatiodobby156

I hate being single! It's very boring and depressing! I hate the fact no one will respond to me! It's making me hateful and hopeless. Anyone who thinks I should just deal with it are evil assholes and they are delusional and selfish! I am so ungrateful for my social life because it's not what I want at all! What I want is a long lasting relationship with someone meaningful. I feel for me it's the only way I'll feel cured. If I don't get its, I'm afraid it's gonna slowly kill me. I don't want to suffer. Anyone who thinks I can live alone single is delusional and ignorant 

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Posted by lanier2368

Huh. Couldn't tell that you didn't like being single by the constant posts about hating being single. And huh, wonder if this tactic ever worked, keeping on about how desperate one is for a relationship. I would think not but I see it so often that maybe it does? lol

Posted by cerealkilla

maybe it will happen someday soon mate better to stay positive