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trying to find friends on here

Posted by phantasm79

I start  off  by saying that  it's  not  easy  for  any/all  people  to  make  friends  here  on AutisticDating. Now  speaking for myself  I  may  not  have  the  greatest  profile  in terms  of  being  intensely   comprehensive  and  thorough  in terms  of  interests  or  hobbies  that  I  have  participated  in, in the  past  or  present.  Sincerely  speaking  I  often  go  out  of  my way  to find  common ground  with  others  here, even  at  times  I  fail miserably; regardless  I  keep  trying for  I  feel there's  people  out there  whom  will sincerely  see  me as  a  friend and choose  to diplomatically  align  themselves  with me.

In all  honesty  when  I  first  joined  this  site  I  actually sent  out a  great  many  friendship  requests; though  I've  not  heard  back  from  any of them  so far as, I  realize  I'm either  not  within close  proximity  of  various  persons  or  don't  share  similar  interests  &  hobbies, still I  choose  not  to give  up  entirely since  joining this  site.  Anyways, I  shall  be  compassionate and  patience  with the  straightforward  attempt  to  make  friends.. 

Lastly, there's  no  actual  perfection  as  it  pertains  to  any  person(s)  whom meet  every single characteristic  of  someone  you look for  when it  comes  to making friends, as  this  applies  to me for,  I'm  just  looking for a  friend  on honorable  terms and  nothing more.

Anways, I'd  like to thank any/all for  reading  this since, I've  never  been  very  good  with  expressing myself  in the  written word.



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