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I'll be  straightforward  here, as  I  don't  have  a wide  variety  of  hobbies  nor  interests  on a massive  scale, yet  I'm aware  of this and  I  do  try  to be  flexible and  learn  what  other  people  like and try  to find a  connection as  such.  I've  always  had  a  fondness  for  movies   of  all sorts  be  it  Action & Adventure/ Fantasy/Science Fiction & Horror/ Western/ Comedy &  Documentaries  to be  quite  accurate as  best as  I can.  

As  well  I  grew  up  learning  to  enjoy  all sorts  of  genres  of  music  that  spans  many  decades  and  various  artists and  groups as  a  whole, if  I  were  try to describe my  musical choices  I'd  wind  up  taking  up way  too much time  for  you to read  so; suffice  to say  it's of a myriad  of  various  styles and so forth.

Oh, and  not  forgetting  that  I  do  enjoy  reading  of a  multitude  of  many  different  areas  of  interest  be it fictional  or non  fictional, honestly I  wished  I  was  much better at  trying  to  express  myself  in the written  manner  so  any/all could  better  understand  which, I  feel  is thre  reason many  people  have  over  looked  me; for my  profile probably appears  to be very bland  and generic  to several  individuals  yet  I  do  try. 

Well, I  hope  at  least  I've  given  you a better  insight  to me as a   person. Oh as  to why  I  don't  have an image  of what  I  actually  look like; well  I  did  initially  though, in some  ways  I've  been  berated  &  mocked  for  my  appearance  in a  subtle manner; therefore  I  chose to  utilize  an  image  of  my  Native  American arrowhead  collection, something  I've  always  found a  great  deal  if  reverence and  serenity with.

Thanks for taking the time to read  this.


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