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Dealing with torments

Posted by phantasm79

Let  me start  off  by saying, that  within this  world  half  of  the  population  is  mentally healthy and  free  of any  mental  health issues  whatsoever; however  the  rest  of  populace  tends  to suffer  greatly  in a  variety of ways from a  multitude  of difficulties  be it  anxeity/depression/insecurity/ etc.

Now  why would  I  state  this, cause  I  have  had  to deal  with  said  issues  for  the  entirety of  my  life  mainly  coming from an exiled  tyrannical  father  to a  small  minority of autistic  persons  who  feel  proud  of  themselves  for  not  having to deal with the  shadows  of  torment/abuse/torture whatever  word  you  would  like to  decribe  outright  ingnities  inflicted  by another  person.

I've  had  to deal with  questioning  the validity  of  myself as a  person  causing me  to  have  insecurities; which  I  do  my  best  to  manage  with as  well, various  people  walking  out  on me for  no  apparent  reason  whatsoever  leading  me to  become clingy; something  I  feel ashamed  to  admit  but  unlike  most  people, I'm not  going  to deny it  nor  dismiss  it.

So  with all this  emotional  baggage  and  so forth, does  this  somehow  make  me  out  to be  the Devil  or  Satan as  some people  have  labelled  me,?  No  for  I  have  neither  malicious  nor  malevolent  intent  behind my  actions  nor  words  whatsoever; for  if  one wants  to  know  what  the  Devil is  really like, go  seek out  all the persons  who  do whatever  they  like with  no  conscious  or  empathy  whatsoever  echoed  in  malignant  narcissism.

I  have  simply  stated  this as, I've  always  felt  a  person  is  considered  authentic  by  admitting  to their flaws, baggage, etc. rather  than  trying  to hide  it  or  play  it down..

Thanks  for  taking the time  to  read  what  I  had  to say.



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