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I want a Relationship/Death to being single

Posted by horatiodobby156

I hate being single! I hate being alone! I want a fucking relationship! I will not calm down until my wish is met! Anyone who forces me to deal with things I hate are evil mother fuckers and deserve to be violently verbally attacked! Death to being single! Real life is evi! Society is evil unless it goes my way! I want someone to answer me! I hate being ignored! Being single and alone is making me violent! Answer me! When I ask a question, you answer me! Don't you dare ignore me! I hate my life! I have 0 grattitude for what I get because It's not what I want! 

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Posted by lanier2368

Ummm, you don't need a relationship. You need help if this is stressing you out this much.Ever think of seeing a therapist? I'm not trying to sound funny. seriously wondering.