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my bad day at work

Posted by yugikaiba26

i work at a senior citizens home called the cliffs and i have a life coach. my supervisor quit on me. i am really angry about it. she left me and the residents hanging without saying goodbye. it was unprofessional. i dont know what to do about it. if anyone has any advice please let me know. thanks.

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Posted by tom776

You should edited this blog and remove your working location, you could endanger yourself and anyone you may mention in future or past blogs :) This is proof that all blogs should be moderated here. I think you should find out why your supervisor left. Maybe it was difficult for him/her to say goodbye to you and the others. Maybe they were fired. Why are you angry? Do you feel that all the work that you achieved with your life coach has left with them? If you and all of the senior citizens liked this person, make them a gift to show that all appreciated them. It is important to find out why they left. Do some detective work and ask around.