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Are Expensive Helmets Better? Decoding Helmet Prices

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Are Expensive Helmets Better? Decoding Helmet Prices

People buy helmets in different ways. Maybe you research at Helmet Gurus first, read reviews, and prioritize your needs. Others automatically go for expensive helmets, believing them better than cheaper alternatives. Some don’t even consider price to be a factor in helmet choice.

Why Price Is a Good Quality Indicator 

First, acknowledge that price is a good indicator of helmet quality. For example, helmet manufacturers use various materials for the helmet’s shell. The materials include carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, and polycarbonate. Some of these materials are pricier than others. For example, Kevlar is more expensive than fiberglass. Thus, price may be an indicator of helmet material. 

Secondly, helmets feature various forms of technology and innovation features. The research and materials associated with these technologies mean they must command premium prices. For example, some helmets feature communication systems like heads-up displays and Bluetooth communication. Such helmets command higher prices relative to simpler helmets.

Lastly, some helmets also feature futuristic designs that improve their quality. For example, some manufacturers have invested in aerodynamic designs that certain riders love. Say you are a racer, and even the slightest speed gain gives you an edge on the track. You will love aerodynamic helmets that can help you smoke other riders during competitions. Such helmets will cost more than others. 

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Factors to Consider Beyond Price

Helmet price is a good quality indicator but is not the only thing you should consider. Check out best rated modular motorcycle helmet – Helmetgurus, and you will realize a lot goes into making the best helmets. Thus, you should consider the following factors in addition to price while hunting for a good helmet:

  • The helmet’s comfort and fit – even the best helmet won’t protect you much if it doesn’t fit you well. Look for a fitting helmet, preferably with adjustable controls.

  • Reviews from real users – a manufacturer’s claim is not necessarily true if others haven’t confirmed it. Read helmet reviews to confirm its alleged features and benefits.

  • Confirm that the relevant bodies have certified the helmet as safe. The primary function of a helmet is to protect you from head injuries. Certification is the best way to confirm the helmet provides this protection.

In short, consider price plus other factors when choosing the right helmet. 

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Tips for Using a Helmet for a Long Time

From the above discussions, it’s clear that a good helmet requires significant monetary investment. Fortunately, good helmets last a long time, especially if you take good care of them.

Store your helmet in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Exposure to weather elements like strong sunlight will degrade your helmet’s quality fast. The degradation reduces the helmet’s protection and forces you to buy another prematurely.

Clean your helmet regularly. Dirt, oil, grease, and other debris accelerate the helmet’s wear and tear. Mild soap and water are enough for the cleaning. Avoid harsh chemicals that might corrode the helmet.

Lastly, handle the helmet carefully to minimize the risk of physical damage. For example, don’t throw the helmet to the ground when you take it off. Banging the helmet will dent or crack it.

In conclusion, don’t rely on price guides for the best helmet. Research and get the best modular motorcycle helmet on, irrespective of price. After that, take good care of the helmet, which will serve you long.


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