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robin williams death

Posted by yugikaiba26

I am very sad to hear that robin williams has passed away. but some people in the media are calling him a coward because he commited suicide. that outrages me. why would they say that about one of the greatest actors of all time? i would limke to know your thoughts on this. so please leave me a message. thanks.

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Posted by textom

Hey He had depression he just could not take any more.

Posted by ari93

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Posted by ews66

Unfortunately I am not the one to read the news but when I do, I find it either a happy one or in this case a said and upsetting one and I don't know why Williams wanted to hang himself there must be a reason mustn't there for him to hang himself like that I mean what made him hang himself the way he did as I read in the paragraph at the bottom of the Wikipedia