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Asperger's Syndrome

Posted by introvert_aspie

Some of the most difficult things to do with Asperger's is that you don't understand your own body language, let alone other peoples and then there's reading facial expressions... another hurdle.

All this makes us Aspies very defensive, self conscious, withdrawn, shy and unwilling to approach a stranger.

Only when we have a quiet group and a while to get to know people do we "come out of our shells" so to speak.


We often get bullied but that's because we are misunderstood.

René Auberjonois as Janos Audron in Soul Reaver 2 quoted:

"They fear what they don't understand and they despise what they fear."

Though most would deny that they actually fear us, so in a sense they go from not mis-understanding to out right despising us.

We Aspies are like the ancients/vampires and mankind/Sarafan are the neurotypical/NT's or "normal people"

That sums it up pretty well.

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