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saying shut up

Posted by yugikaiba26

i go to a program called the center for independence. its on route 10 in east hanover, nj. there was a person there who was being loud and obnoxious and i told him to shut up. afterwards i felt horrible. i apologized to him. if anyone has any advice please let me know. thanks

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Posted by textom

Hey don't be sorry some people need to told to be quiet.

Posted by dancewithme

learn to meditate and tune out annoying people thats how i do it , some people enjoy being annoying and if u donft resopnd theyll lose interest

Posted by petegreen

Next time don't explode and say "shut up", but try being more diplomatic... For example: "Excuse me, could you please quiet down a little?". But the fact you said "shut up" and then apologised afterwards is OK too, and I wouldn't over think the situation.