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Is there someone out there for me? Searching for my impossible girl

Posted by darthweezer

Cheezy I know but hey that is me in a nuttshell so like or not that is the choice.  I do find that bowties are cool, I love star wars and doctor who, hitchhikers guide to the galllaxy, <42>, I love computers and electronics. Anyways I am not here to talk about all the things I love and stuff like that.  I assume I am here to talk about me.  I am a very loving person with a very big heart and I care too much sometimes.  Anways enough about that boring stuff.  So I am have been actually writing a journal and finding out a lot about myself and it is quite fassanating indeed.  But more on that at a later point in time for now live long and prosper. 

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Posted by textom

You are true to yourself and you will find someone someday who is for you.