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Shortage of autistic resources

Posted by patrickpoppington

we are between a rock and a hard place, some of us want to date but that can change on a day to day basis. At least for me LOL but this leaves thre problem is a lot of autistics probably have the same problem finding a reliable site where autistics can communicate with a view to date. Maybe even a communal chat thing to releive the burden of first contact. It woul dhelp the more shy among us. Feeling the struggle of lonliness right now. The burden of needing a hug and some "love" but not being able to communicate or do it effectively. Makes it awkward and clumsy. Maybe writing this blog message someone will feel the same way and message me too to discuss it. it might be the perfect ice breaker.

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Posted by gf1422

The problem as I see it Patrick is that 3-4 times more men are diagnosed as on the spectrum than women. Even allowing for some percentage of bisexuality and homosexuality, there are far too few women on the spectrum to meet the need. I have long ago committed to dating and courting women of Eastern Europe where there is a shortage of men. There are more women than men in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and other FSU countries. This helps me to find quality and quantity of potential female partners for a relationship. I have been to Russia and became engaged for the first and only time in my life. It was later broken but I am still looking and trying.