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Why in the world am I posting so many blog entries? I'd like us to share hope.

Posted by philipandermann1

Yes, I do admit personally am extremely heterosexual.  [except that for me mutual supportive friendship is absolutely primary].

BUT believe it or not, I have not been doing this to get a girl friend, be exhibitionist or pretend I'm someway or other "better" (actualy I personally  believe strongly that every human being is in fact absolutely equal in inherent extreme potential and equal in precious value).


This message is intended for everyone regardless of gender, orientation, age, handicaps, appearances, intelligence, etc. For we are all equal.


It is because even though many women's profiles seem extremely normal and I accept everything they say as completely true, still I believe the vast majority of us are here on this site because we do have a condition which probably includes the most outstanding people very attractive in their way, in some way we are still suffering from a condition which can hinder our our full social and most normal desires' fulfillment, and as long as we're here there seems no need to not encourage each other as precious equal human beings.

I am extremely sorry if some people did not like my postings (though I heard almost no feedback). I'll be the first to say that I have weaknesses. I am working to try to make them more encouraging. But I just wanted to set some beginning example that, I believe, since we are here anyway, then in addition to our other activities, we should each at least feel free to encourage each other without ulterior motives, to try to do so no matter what our style; and we can learn to appreciate all of us regardless, everyone has something wonderful positive to say and does not have to feel inhibited to strongly edit themselves, write what we are honestly feeling at the moment while sensitive as possible to others' likely feelings - except I believe it is often self-beneficial to do our best to in the end put a positive twist to what we have said.


I believe we have many wonderful wonderful people here, whether they consider themselves talented etc or not.  I believe that what goes around comes around.

Except that while I really like women especially as human beings, I honestly am not doing this because I expect to get a girl friend out of this. I will honestly be happy if I can encourage one human being while not discouraging others!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I would appreciate your honest comments.


We have wonderful people here. Thank you so very much!

As long as one has hope, there is nothing one cannot achieve; everything is born from hope. 


[P.S. this is totally unedited at this point.]




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Posted by stevenw

AS Aspies were all in the same boat, just some of us are closer to diving in shark infested waters than others, not latterly. For those who have, sometimes a nice fish comes along.