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People asking me if I have a job. :(

Posted by neeneileen

How many of you all have a job. Sometimes I feel like the only one in this world who is unable to work for a very long time. It really sucks because I just want to live a normal life without some people thinking I'm not normal just because I don't have a job. But I do volunteer sometimes at the animal shelter for cats. It's really fun and a lot of work lol. But in the end, I wish I had a paying job for once. Volunteering is fun but I just want people to understand why I'm unable to work. I guess I'm trying prove people wrong that people like me with Autism can do all things in Christ who strengthens us. But now I realize just because I'm unable to work doesn't mean I'm not normal. To be honest in my opinion there is no normal. We are all unique in the eyes of God!!

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Posted by jcher21

Don't feel alone I can't work ether I've had 5 jobs by the time I hit my 90 day period I normally get fired. They say I have akward eye contact conversation and that I come off unempathic even when I'm saying I'm sincerely sorry I show no emotion. When I get awards at work I thank my boss and leave I don't show happiness excitement or gratitude which cause problems between my boss and I. Sometimes they call my name and I won't responds or they'll say good morning how's your day and I'll say fine thank you and they say I seem short when I do thay because I don't make eye contact. Therefore they don't want me in the office anymore. My customers don't like me and my coworkers normally don't. Because I come off cold, sneaky and unresponsive. I used to work 50 hours a week to cover shifts and I did an amazing job my computer skills nd problem solving skills were through the roof. They always say they value me as an employee. But my coworkers don't like me and my customers despise me. I went to a 5 month program for hospitality and air travel a year ago every job I've had has fired me. Now I'm being denied for SSI their psychologist says I just like baking it had nothing to do with what we talked about. I can't even drive because of my sensory issues. When I see flashing lights I can't make out the color fast enough to respond. I have issues with deciding if I'm standing too far or close to someone and in the car I can't stay in the lines. I also have heat related sensitivity so I can'tdrive without a heater and the bumps bug me I never know if I hit an animal, person, or a stupid pot hole. I got 3 accidents on my record in one year. Your not the only one who can't work I hope this makes you feel somewhat less alone.