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Feelings that look

Posted by philipandermann1

Feelings that were born today -
I hope they were born from love
[scribbled in 40 minutes]

by Phil 2/2/2015 

What we do not see
of a person's heart
includes the most precious.
For it is simply the purest feeling.

[The violence of the sun
dares birth
the tenderest touch,
which nothing can destroy.]

The forgotten
still see us
till we remember
to truly feel.

We are equally
different and unique,
and make the greatest
difference to the world.

are rainbows,
for clouds
never swallow
the sun.

Never forget: 
are the greater teacher.

We mean to give
life to our children.
but our children give
meaning to our life. 

 In forgetfulness,
I just saw you in everyone,
until we truly found
our selves 
in each other.

We two touch everywhere
only by touching all life,
so no one dare break
our mutual vow.

I sought you everywhere
10,000 years,
yet still
you never left my side.

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