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Aspie girls are still girls, don't forget that. They still have a female mind.

Posted by charliepayne

I think there's probably a misconception that Aspie girls will tolorate weakness and insecure Autistic men. I know this is a bitter pill to swallow, since every human's default position is weakness and fear. As a man it's your job to build yourself up and be the man women NEED. If women could choose to look past things like confidence I'm sure they would. But it's the same thing as a guy talking to a 400 pound woman, she may be a nice person and logically you may feel she is good dating material, but the fact of the matter is you won't date her, as a man you NEED a physically appealing woman. You don't need a perfect princess looking girls, but she shouldn't be 400 pounds. This is what women feel like when a man doesn't have confidence, it turns them off INSTANTLY.

Trust me, I've been where you've been, I used to be a nervous wreck around women, but now I've become very confident around women since I was 15 or 16. I'm 22 now.

If you're on here to try to take advantage of an intellectually disabled woman because you think she will accept your weakness, you need to get off this site.

Also, women, be the woman men want, a man wants a women to let him be dominant towards her, stop trying to be *independent*. Men want to take care of women, men have a hard wired biological desire to take care of and protect women and children.

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Posted by idanis

I'm a female, and what you're telling us (and men as well) to do is absolutely horrible. You should never tell anyone, no matter their gender, how to act. A woman can be as independent as she wishes. A man can be soft, gentle and non-dominating if he wants. You have to drop these age-old enforced gender roles, and accept each and every individual person for who they are - otherwise you will scare people away, and you will end up being very lonely.

Posted by movingforward

This is from an Aspie guy. This may seem kind of off from the subject matter though it does relate. The fact to me though one is with a perception which is highly unknown to ones' manner. One should not think one gender is weak or the other because of a condition. True one can speak on weakness and fear as a default condition But sometimes it is also the flaws that make people unique apart from much. But there were also those with lives that prosper or sufferers from traumatic stress of their past and find people more desiring of security and privacy over that of others needs *blast against the modern day perspective* of how relationships turn out around the age as people dated younger rather than older some and many sort of... too much detail around my time. If I a man of words were to tell you my perception it would be understood and construed by the twister. Yet others had gone through much worse compared to the eyes in witness. I will define to you... people seek real relationships, and not heartlessness as one stated. And there will always be those who have their intentions for a purpose. Someone tell the man and woman, ask if both are disabled. And you would state surely, that because of this people cannot get passed the flaw, I saw to the knower, know you our thoughts and actions related to a result? = a question. People change over time and it is a growth to be aware, not necessarily a weakness. People brag about how cool they are around at younger ages - compared to your average lone individuals or *so called* feeling alone though some were not alone; or at least not aware. The statements of people taking advantage of others, is what others had done so to the average man. It makes each and I mean each who are aware lesser than those who are not. Of course it is not the people who want to be accepted for weakness that need to get off the site compared to the intellectual man or woman that takes advantage of the kindness of others to the trust they so put into their integrity or dignity. But those who grew up not thinking they are good people? Define they to me the goodness of people. You can tell many can be weak. But think of it not as a weakness by acceptance. It takes strength and courage for others to admit open and honestly on the web. And they too know for a fact these things. It is not up to one to correct what one has seen as much as others to realize the circumstances of others as the self. Of course from a background one can state the indulgence of conditions to some being used without excuse unless one was true in their statements and not hypocritical. Both genders play a role and most have a preference of beauty over mind or some mind compared to beauty. Yes the preference is the choice of the individuals so they can muster up courage. Sometimes the woman is just as bad as the man. Independent is a choice so one does not have to rely totally on people for every decision that is made. One can be both. The fact of ones' age range in determination shows that indeed that just because one hangs around women or the man, does not make them truly knowing of emotion. Life will test the man at his words. People say words are dead. But though by the action to intent. You ask what the man who is disabled would say, and he would say also to the woman and others who are not disabled as they think, prior to many circumstances. What is dominate and much to me? The way people saw relationships as if they were uncivil and I cannot discuss the nature of each. Yes, it too is biological by nature, but others thought with their reason to the point of some could and could not distinguish how to be. Some stories of mine and resemblances may make a person cry, be scared of one, or others rebuke for me saying this. So I will just state if I am wrong at something here, please correct me. A life story can be complex. But is more complex for the people who do suffer and go through trials and feel rejected even though they need to see much in a different way. When one describes weight, it shows a bad example besides the physical body perspective. How weight can be contrasted to mentality in the long-reach just does not seem rational aside from trying to dwell on happiness or misery with food rather than understand nutrient value; to that of what is the person used to. Everyone is different when it comes down to Men wanting to take care of women. I will admit quite is the same vice and is best not to call people an object or something of a prize. As far as children are concerned, many have shown it and quite few I had heard of had not. For which I cannot explain the reasoning behind decisions to choice actions and result.