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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 2015   [to whomever right now!] by Phil 2/13/2015

Posted by philipandermann1

HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY 2015   2/13/2015

In all the towns of all the  ountries
on all the planets
of each of the 100 billionstars
in each of the 100 billion galaxies
there is only one of you.
I cannot believe my good fortune
to have found you without looking so far...
for the  highest world was always here.,
You have conquered the world of my heart so easily
and now all those beautiful stars up there
are our own beautiful treasures
no jealous person can conquer back from us.

Our breaths thread a quilt of love.

You still blow spring's breeze 
straight through my heart
as you dance time's wind
to make all flowers dance
a spring across the cosmos.

Finally we keep finding
ourselves in each other.
We see through each other's eyes
as now we see ahead.

For together
lying hand in hand in flowers
we fall from the ground
into a vaster field, of stars.
For we are seeds
of a new constellation of friends,
and nothing can stop us from falling
in love.
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