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My Story/Rant

Posted by phoenix92

I don't really have anywhere else to rant over what's in my head so here....

I've had a heart broken by my first ever love. She replaced me with another guy and it's damaged me emotionally and psychologically.

My confidence has taken a beating, I just dont wanna do anything and I'm so afraid of being hurt again....but here I am, trying to find someone I can give my heart to, am I being ridiculous? Sigh I just want someone who takes me for me and whom I can trust my heart to.

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Posted by dianakay

I'm sorry you're having a hard time. It's hard to lose someone. Hang in there. You may find someone new soon or maybe later. Breathe deeply and stand proudly. Don't feel bad that I'm not interested. I'm nowhere near your age. I wish you the best. Diana