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Posted by liamsw

If you use pof and you want more life in your inbox i sugest you go for the ones with no pictures because you can normally tell by the first message you get if there fake or not. i know there is a risk they might be a man as well but thats the risk you take but you do get more answers from them ive had like 3 answers from the last 25 messages sent whhich is rather good compared to what i was getting before. The reason normally that they dont have pictures is either because there not good looking or because they have battered confidence from people saying things if your not fussy about what they look like thats the way forward im speaking to a girl at the moment the picture looks real and she is a very pretty girl i hope she carries on messaging me and im going to try and take it a step further. Also if the girls got battered confidence you just make her feel extra special and covince her to put a picture up if she hasnt already.

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Posted by smcsleazy

i have POF and i can honestly say my inbox is 50% dead, 50% abuse/rudeness