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Are you able to love?

Posted by tatiana

I am 34 years old, autistic, but I am shy when talking to people, mainly of the opposite sex, in my case male.
My difficulty in looking into my eyes, and shyness, hampers my social interaction.
I like romantic and affectionate people.

How do you act?

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Posted by mrsaspergers

I am bad with eye contact and hate romantic things. I find it only bearable if i am the one being romantic. I find it easier getting to know someone through the phone as i have time to reply and be myself. In person i feel barriered in a way like im hiding behind a mask. This can make people think i do not like them when most of the time it is the complete opposite.

Posted by peter333

I have always struggled with eye contact. I was told in CBT to look at their ear or shoulder. The person can't really tell you aren't looking at them in the eye. Hope this helps you.

Posted by smcsleazy

i think for many people on the spectrum, the initial few conversations are always the hardest. hell, my friend's friend in college admitted he never heard me speak until like 6 weeks of knowing me. the eye contact is still a really hard one for me though. i find the best thing to do is keep the conversations broad at first and slowly roll out from there.