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How do you handle admitting you have Autism to potential employers?

Posted by cookiemonster23

I’m looking for better career opportunities and whenever I have an interview I kind of panic and feel like I do not give the most satisfying answers, even though I answer honestly and to the best of my ability. I also never know how to bring up that I have Autism either, I know it’s pivotal to let employers know. So I am just wondering if fellow autistics out there can give me some pointers on how to score interviews thanks.

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Posted by charliepayne

Probably the best thing to do is to understand that they can't not hire you due to Autism. That would be discrimination on their part. I would wait till the end of the interview, just say "I do have a disability, I'm on the Autism Spectrum" That sounds most proffessional. Or I would wait until the interviewer asks if there is anything you might struggle with in terms of completing tasks at work. But if they don't ask that question or something similar to it I would inform them you're on the Autism Spectrum. It's best to understand most employers have hired or worked with people with Autism, especially in entry level jobs, where dozens of people can be hired a year.