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Autistic Women in Ohio

Posted by autstic

Hello - I'm looking for Autisitc women in Ohio who would like to just messege each other at first to see if we feel there is a possibility of being friends. Or if there is a way that accommodates your way of meeting others, I understand and just let me know what works for you!  It does not have to go any further than friendship.. but of course some day I do want to settle down with someone for life.

Since I found I am autistic, my world has changed.. and for the better. I've found my community and it has filled a void within me. I've lived so long feeling so detached from everyone. Now I feel a connection with you all. I want to share that as your friend and if we are compatible to pursue the relationship I've always wanted to have. 

Feel free to ask me almost anything! :)

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Posted by speedy85

I wish you luck, I am also from Ohio and I can’t say that I’ve ever met an aspie girl