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Posted by ladybug24

I’m back! I'm Veronica. I will be 31 on February 24! Due to being an Aspie, I look forward to meeting others with Asperger's Syndrome. Who knows, maybe a special someone who's also an Aspie. I heard a beautiful success story coming from this site. I hope to experience the same positive outcome! I’m not desperate and I’m not rushing. I just want to relax and see what comes my way. If luck comes, amazing. If not, then it will come in the long run. After experiencing bad luck numerous times, I decided to relax, have fun, and have faith that a good man will come to me. And he will :-)

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Posted by krusthakia

Hey Veronica, I can't suddenly send any messages on this website. If you are interested my facebook account is:

Posted by colby90

Happy early Birthday Veronica! My name is Colby and I am new to this site. With no success with meeting anyone in the real world, I figured the cyber world is the way to go. I want to start off slow and meet some to at least have a conversation with. I have faith that I will one day soon. Keep in touch ladybug24!