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Fun fact...

Posted by ladybug24

Hello again! I want to tell you guys a fun fact about me. I’m an identical twin! Her name is Jessica and she’s the sunshine in any room she walks into! Her autism is more severe than mine is, but she has a smile on her face more often than I do :-) We share the same birthday, but we are total opposites. She’s thin. I’m Plus Size. She’s keeps organized. I’m do not. She’s into Disney Princesses. I’m into Hello Kitty. She enjoys watching television. I enjoy shopping for clothes, purses, and makeup. I wanted to share this because hey, I’m a twin. And that’s a very fun characteristic about me :-) 

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Posted by meghan61

That is so cool! don't think I'm weird but twins are kinda one of my obsessions. But like I'm a genetics major so its OK, Right? So I know this is a dating website but I also want to make some female friends. Any ideas on how to do that without looking like a lesbian?