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Uncharacteristic Post

Posted by sirdood

As the title suggest. I don't post, typically.

 Life is stagnant. Wake up, work, come home, sleep, repeat. A multitude of things including routine have bread depression, which in turn has birthed anxiety both of which further fueld by aspergers syndrome and eachother, which has then through this unfortunate combination, created suicidal wants.

 I have more or less been defeated by the above, so I thought; rather than sit on my arse and let the same befall others, I'd offer my ear. Male, Female, I don't care - It's irrelevant. If you need to talk about shit and for the time being feel that immediate family or friends is too much for you. Shoot me a message.
 Those who are suicidal like I tend to be, and think nobody cares - or have convinced themselves that nobody cares at all - you are wrong, I do.
 First step to fixing alot of problems is to talk about them. So as I said, shoot me a message if you've nowhere else to turn yeah, no use letting your thoughts get the better of you.

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Posted by sirdood

Though we differ in our outlook on things, I can get behind what you're saying here. By differ I mean I'm not so much an optimist. Quite a cynic actually, but it's these differences in people that make people interesting I think. If we all looked at the world in the same way, it'd be a pretty grey place to live.