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Hey I'm Aaron, I may not be the best looking but I make up for it with loads of heart and I love right from the bottom of my heart and would never do anything to hurt anyone intentionally, I'm usually clean shaven but do sometimes let stubble through. I love sport and History the most I also have interest in cooking along with that I have qualifications in front of house (server/waiter), I've played basketball and football (soccer) and also enjoy bowling, I also love to climb and challenge myself, I also like to play on my PS4 but I'm not one of those who puts it before everything else and I also like to be close and share the love. I am self conscious and self aware of what people think of me when they take one look at me but overall it doesn't bother me as I know what matters is inside. I have Aspergers and mild anxiety but I dont let it define me in fact I let it inspire me to be the best I can. I love animals I have 2 cats and love them dearly, animals are part of my life that I will never be able to give up, I like all sorts of Animals and enjoy interacting with them, I like to keep fit and healthy and enjoy good exercise, I'm a good listener and will always make time for anyone I care about, I say it how it is so you know there is no lies coming from me but it is never meant to be hurtful or horrible just honesty at its finest. I'm a laid back person but with a strong mind, I am always open minded about things and when it comes to relationships I dont tolerate cheating and I don't tolerate back stabbing friends or people that just use me or others. I dont ask for much just a happy life.
To be in a relationship with someone they have to accept me for who I am and not expect me to change, I always admit to my mistakes and hope along with making friends I can meet that special one.
If you would like to talk and get to know me just message me I dont bite or though I may be a bit nervous and cautious to begin with.