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Gold Coast, AU

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Have you ever been in a situation in which you experienced unconscious bias or put in a box before someone got to know you?
A book cover rarely represents the contents. ?

Curious about most things and people.

Engaging with me requires courage and vulnerability, in part, because I lack filters.
The truth behind your words and in your heart is naked.

My primary focus is immersion and speculation of the many aspects and entanglements of the means in which Love modulates. Connection is essential for thriving.
I am accepting of a huge range of diversity in thought and ideology.

Own a digital agency, a Lomi Lomi practice - Insta @lomilomigoldcoast, and few other interests and manufacture organic skin care products for my neuro-divergent community.
It came about because I needed something non-toxic as well as evidenced based to support neurological health.
I use aromatherapy, reflexology, hypnotherapy, acupuncture and a few other modalities in treating my patients.

Other than nature, my place of flow and zen is the gym.
Physiological exertion is my longstanding, most effective means of maintaining a healthy endocrine response and overall well-being.
Personally, I enjoy hypertrophy as there are innumerable psychological and physiological benefits all contributing to longevity.

I’m fond of evidenced based and some anecdotal conversations relating to human equity, empowerment, diversity, inclusion, ancient husbandry and modern applications of collectivism allowing for planetary harmony.

You can expect me to treat and interact with you as the divine light you are.

Your diagnosis is part of your identity; it is not the totality of you.
I’m currently engaged in an autism collaborative book project.
If the initial energy of contributing to this community project resonates with you, contact me. ???

I’ve also taken on a photography course and study to be a counselor.

My dog, Poopsie, is a 65kg Cane Corso.
We hang out a lot.

There is a lot of research on effective communication.

If your intention is to just chat back and forth using either this or another channel, it would be best served for you to interact with someone else.

My preference is for true connections which are not possible with the mediocrity texting affords.

I recognise some have fears around vulnerability and I’m not that person; I am fully committed to exceptional connections, conversations and relationships. ??

#autistic #wellbeing #aqsweatseries
始めまして, 日本語を話します ???
H: 195cm
W: 105kg
Personality type: Architect (INTJ-A)

Enjoy an oration from your soul: