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Bristol, US

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About me:
I like learning new things and I love to explore and go on adventures, vacation! I’m a family man I like my family more then my friends because at the end of the day you come home and who do you have? Your family! I hate smoking, drinking, drugs (other then prescriptions that are needed) I am a really out going person who really likes to go on an adventure and see where it leads me but I also love planning things! I plan a lot of things out in my life I like having a plan for my future. I’m currently looking for a friendship that will turn into a life long relationship, I want a real genuine women and not some fake one, I like authentic women who know who they are and don’t have a problem showing who they truly are.
One thing I value more then anything is honesty and the truth! I value a person’s honesty and their word because without that who are you? Anyways I love music and I don’t have a job currently but I gotta plan where I’m going to be a real estate agent full time after I get my real estate license. I like business and stuff similar to that nature. I like math for the most part and I like gaming too.

Personal interests:
I like video games, I like business, I want to pursue a career in business (real estate).