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Saudi arabai, SA

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Iam looking for searuios relationship.i have sperger andADHD..i tried to be in relationship with normal people but it does not work but iam not lose hope to find my real love...
I am an Arab from yemen ..i was born and i live with my family in saudi arabai.. ..I am open minded.I call myself global citizen..I love to travel and know about other cultures .I have respect for all different lifestyle..I love to have friendships from all over the world and take pictures of every new place I visit.I believe if there is understanding, respect and acceptance between Different cultures will have the most beautiful world .world full in love and respect.
I am understanding. and i do not like to judge others and respect different opinions .

am a good listener , frank and clear and do not like to be deceptive.
 i love  to help others and
I like to be always optimistic, positive and supportive of all good things.
I love tennis and my dream was to be a professional tennis player..i did not have chance...but I still practice it as a hobby.
I love reading and going to the beach and photography. And more about me when we talk ..and of course with showing my pic.....(sorry for my pretty english.iam still learn it)
I want someone who knows how to treat a princess like me ..
A good listener, supportive of my dreams..responsible.generouse..
Faithful, loyal and optimistic.
Someone we can  talk togather very frankly about our own personalty ....