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Hi. Thanks for visiting. I'm looking to widen my social circle. I'd like Autistic (likeminded) friends I can meet up with, and I would also consider myself very fortunate to find somebody that I am romantically compatible with.

I am an athletic/curvy female, with turquoise hazel eyes, and dark wavy/curly brown hair (first 6 pics are from within the last few months, the other pics are older).

I am 36 years old, I live in Manchester, I'm 5'6.5", and most of my time is devoted to caring for my son.

I have a degree and fascination in the topic of Psychology. I am a creative person, and I am twice exceptional, and predominantly Autistic in the way that I am exceptional other than intelligence.

I really love to be in nature and in tranquil environments. I like to cook. I like to explore new places. I appreciate the small things.

I asked my son to describe somebody who would be a good romantic fit for me, and the adjectives he came up with were: smart, kind, a good sense of humour, a bit fun, adventurous; and understanding. By 'a bit fun', I would explain this as cheerful, upbeat, able to be positive in a light way, but also somebody who keeps this within sensible (safe) limits (though I have a dark sense of humour), and is grounded and conscientious.

I am somebody who tends to look after people and things, and I'm really quite selective with who I choose to spend my time with. I would like to meet somebody I can let my guard down with, who proves to be transparent, honest, and trustworthy in the ways that I am.

I am not somebody who is particularly bothered about how aesthetically pleasing a person is, in terms of society's harsh standards and judgment; I am more concerned with who somebody is as a person, and tend to perceive somebody who is beautiful on the inside as a beautiful person.

My personality type is Enneagram 1 and MBTI INTJ/INFJ, depending on how I'm feeling/what sort of phase I'm in when I take the test.