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I'm a young adult with High functioning Autism. I don't work at the moment but my last job was as a life guard, I've also helped out at local petting farms, and volunteered at the animal sanctuary pact. I have a diagnosis of high functioning autism, anxiety disorder and a past eating disorder and adhd (which is why I'm so bouncy lol but its no where near as bad as it was as a child) I've also had many misdiagnoses but I won't go into all of those let's just say my autism confuses things.
I do love animals so of course I've got some living with me, I've got 2 lovely cats a rescued from pact black cat called Becka and a brown tabby called Natalia (Tally). I've also got 2 gold fish called little-kio and gladiator, 2 boy rats Mr. Smee and Sebastian, and out the back a lion head rabbit called kitkat and 2 Guinea pigs called dandylion and daisy. Abit of a petting zoo here haha
So if you want to talk about animals I'm your girl. I previously belonged to a gymnastics group based in Norwich but have recently had to give that up as my body can't keep up with all the tumbling and bending but I'm planning to get back on the track and join an athletics team in the new year. I love anything fitness based so a trip out to a trampoline park or a high wires course like go ape always go's down well :)
Well that's abit about me anyway, if you'd like to know more then feel free to send a message :)