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I’m a creative writer seeking guidance for fame. I’m a gamer that also likes to read. I have had a very rough past and I’m looking for someone that I can trust and support at the same time, someone who can understand me. I don’t care how long it takes to find someone I will do whatever it takes. I have high functioning Autism with depression; sometimes my depression takes over my mind clouding with fear, doubt, and anxiety. I need someone to fix me while also having a relationship that can grow over time into something truly special. Over 4 years of dating I have never truly had a real heart to heart relationship. I thought I did 2 times but both of them were complete trainwrecks. One tried to sabotage my current relationship after moving on from her; wanting to see me suffer and be alone. This woman was a completely different beast a year after we broke up. The other woman was a cuckoo crazy, a manipulating moocher who was never truly thankful for all that I have done for her who also never connected with me due to different viewpoints. What I am trying to say is I want a real relationship not a fake one. Once you get to know me, I am a kind and thoughtful person I will go hell on Earth with you to make sure you are in the right place in the world. I'm sort of Romantic. I dream of starting a family and being a better father than my own dad by a longshot. If you want to know more about me just message me