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Yeah, I'm a honest young male, who is still learning about the world. I don't drink, do drugs or smoke. My friends call me "boring" but I just know they won't help you in the long run. Here, I like to share kindness and friendships, and be as humble as I can enjoying life. Don't remind me of partner relationships, because to be with me is to be my friend and move on together. My goal is to be a Therapist, an IT Support, or to be a Web or Game Designer but also a YouTuber & Streamer, if you can follow me through all that then you have a friend or lover for life, but to me I consider personality the first thing I look at. I don't judge people for who they are, or what they did in the past or present, or future even; all that matters is now. No- I don't have any expectations from nobody, just be yourself. Want to know more about me? Add me and talk to me, I am willing to answer questions and talk if you are interested.

But also if you are interested, I don't make my profile icons my face or anything, same with Facebook or any other, as I prefer someone work their way up to earn that right to see what I look like.