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Norwich, GB

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Video Games | Anime | Study | Straight Demisexual | 1% ASD
I would rather not show what I look like publically, only privately.

I am an honest and friendly individual, who is hard-working, kind and caring & affectionate. I am a good listener, and I focus college when I am there and in my spare time play video games and talk, I am introverted but can talk, just send me a message and we can talk. I am always around and make time for people so be sure to send a message or pm.

Would like to fall for a girl/woman who can be their own individual, who can love me and be obsessed with me, who can work through life with each other, who would like to play video games and talk, they have their own life but need someone in their life who can be their soul mate, who will tolerate me as much as I do for them, who is honest and as a side note, I don't really "want" I uncondition towards a person.

Please talk to me if you want to talk about anything by sending a message, hopefully, you'll be interested in conversing.

Alternatively, if you have Discord and you are a girl who is interested, you can talk to me directly there at: Honest・ω・#1908 as I am very active there and you can tell if I am online, has literally everything you need. (Voicing, web cam, share screen, etc)