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The previous information was too inaccurate, so I will update my profile at some point soon.

I'll just put the basics:

My name is Stephen, but I often use Kelmire as an online alias.
I'm currently 29.

I worked for 3 years at a riding school, also some brief temp work for a riding school for disabled children/ volunteered at said school for 1.5 years.
Currently I'm looking to get back into college, find some part time work and get the certificates I need to hopefully study law. Minimum wage jobs are too much of a grind. If you're going to work your ass off, it shouldn't be for shit pay.

I'm Scottish, from Glasgow.
I'm not politically left or right, I follow policy, not ideology.
I'm not religious, I don't like religion. I respect peoples' personal beliefs, but will always challenge the existence of organized religion.

I'm not really a good or bad guy, just human.

I'm not a morning person, but might be eternally now stuck waking up at 7am because of work so... fuck.

I like any music, so long as it has a good beat to it. Have a particular weakness for asian music. Used to be a metalhead also, hence the long blue hair.

Picture is outdated, I was roughly 19 in that photo. I don't have long hair anymore, nor am I a metalhead anymore, but still love the music.

I was formally diagnosed with mild Aspergers, at age 21. Took it pretty hard at the time, but now my view is very different. I respect the fact that some people with autism have it far worse than others, that some people simply cannot curtail their impulses. I have nothing but empathy for those people.
In regards to myself, however and how my autism relates to me; well...
I mostly choose to ignore the fact that I have autism. Asfar as I am concerned, each and every person must take responsibility for his or her own actions. I don't want anyone's sympathy, I want to rise and fall on the merits of my character and/or my ability. Any of my failings in life aren't because I have autism, it's because I made a mistake - I fucked up. As long as I'm alive, I'll learn from my mistakes and keep moving forward. I refuse to feel sorry for myself.

I'm not really sure what else I could add.. I like history, I study it a lot in my spare time. I like video games, used to really love video games but I hardly play them anymore. What's the point in partaking in a hobby that leaves you disappointed half the time. Who the fuck wants to play Diablo on a phone...
I like writing. Currently working on writing a book. That is all I will say about that :)

Think that rant covers everything.